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Hi, i'm kimberly

I am an Alignment Guide and Energy Reader. I work to develop a safe, judgment free environment for my clients to unpack what they are working through so that they can start to go deeper with themselves. Ultimately, the goal I have for my clients is for them to gain a better understanding of self, and to learn how to connect more deeply with their own intuition and inner guidance. I provide insights, feedback, thought experiments and reflective questions as well as various tools to help them connect with their inner self in order to become a more authentic and aligned version of themselves. 

My Values

Authenticity valued over perfection above an eclipse moon with the path illuminated written inside

Value 1: Authenticity > Perfection

Show up exactly as you are, unapologetically. The perfectionist inside often takes over and performs for validation and approval. When you show up authentically, you’re not worried about what other people think of you (and even if you are, you don’t let it impact how you show up). 

What my clients are saying

I came to The Path Illuminated looking for clarity around my artistic goals and inspire momentum in my art side hustle. She helped me identify a manageable schedule for working on my projects and building my audience. I feel more confident about the work that lies ahead, and I look forward to future coaching sessions to find new paths on this journey. - Anne

Kimberly's Tarot reading & intuitive messaging are on point. The Divine is working directly through her as a Channel. The layered messages she delivered and her delivery all resonated deeply. From love, to spiritual development and healing her messaging was so helpful and accurate. I'm grateful that I found Kimberly and that she offers her gift as a service to others.

- Jess P.

I want to take the time to give a shout out to The Path Illuminated! I felt heard and totally understood. They helped me shift perspective on stressors and anxiety I have been having. It's totally worth it to have unbiased help and be able to attain tools that can continuously help you. - Mura the Mystic

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