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In early 2020 I started to question the world and what I was doing with my life, as I think many of us did. The Pandemic, and subsequent lockdowns, provided a container that helped me to find the path that was most aligned with my heart and soul, by allowing me the opportunity to illuminate what my true calling was. I enrolled in the Lumia Coaching Program and became a Certified Life Coach in March 2021. I answered what felt like a Soul calling to utilize my background, life experience and skills to work with and support others in their personal healing journeys

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It’s always been about connecting with and supporting people above everything else for me. Once I became a Certified Life Coach, I felt equipped to utilize my 16 years of experience in the Tech and Startup World along with my own life experience and education to support individuals on their path of Personal Alignment. My own personal journey led me to a deeper understanding of myself and my need for a personal spiritual practice, after many years of shunning the idea. Astrology, Tarot, Meditation and Life Coaching are tools that I have used personally, to improve my own well-being as well as finding a sense of purpose and magic in my life and I hope to bring that experience to my clients. 

I believe in finding the balance between coaching frameworks alongside a variety of spiritual practices to assist my clients in gaining clarity and finding alignment within their personal and spiritual lives. I believe in having a grounded and practical approach to spirituality that can be applied to ones day to day life and personal challenges. It's about creating a safe space for my clients to gain deeper insights and helping them learn how to tap into their own intuition by utilizing the Tarot to go beyond the confines of societal programming and providing deeper insights for my clients to gain a multifaceted perspective around their personal life goals. 

I don't quite identify with the terms “psychic” or “fortune teller,” I think these concepts take away from the richness of a Tarot and Oracle Reading. I am an Energy Reader and my gifts act as a mirror to help reflect back to my clients richer insights into the areas that they need to dig into deeper. 

When a client comes to a session with an open heart and mind, it is a beautifully inspiring and supportive experience that supports them in developing more trust in their intuition and moves them into deeper alignment with themselves and the Universe. It is important to me as an Alignment Guide and Energy Reader to find the intersection of coaching frameworks, therapeutic approaches along with a deep respect for ancient spiritual practices to assist clients in finding the balance between both worlds. 

I feel privileged that I’ve had the opportunity to experience my own rich, and insightful Tarot readings from ethical, authentic readers that were able to hold space for me in moments when I was seeking additional support and guidance. I always approach a Tarot reading with the intention of opening my heart and mind to deeper insights, support and positive feedback. A good reader is always going to make you feel more grounded and connected to yourself and your own intuition.

I believe in building a safe and judgment-free space for my clients to inquire deep within, to honor their hearts and to alchemize the challenges of life into golden opportunities to see the beauty in the journey of healing and loving ourselves, more deeply, as we all figure this out together. My goal is to create a space for you to better align with your higher self and purpose, as you follow the path as it is illuminated for you. 

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