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"I've been connecting with Kimberly during a big transition in my life. Her readings are thoughtful and really about the current energies providing an experience that's truly authentic and not filled with psychic predictions or expectations. It's a reading that really uncovers the present and how to live in it." - Yas Q.

"My energy reading was exactly what I needed. I was in a moment of darkness, and she was the light that made me feel like everything was going to be okay. Her intuition was really spot on, and she knew exactly the words I needed to hear. I suggest a reading to anyone who is seeking clarity and guidance during a difficult time. You will walk away feeling a lighter sense of hope and expansion." - Christine M.

"I came to Kimberly, and The Path Illuminated, looking for clarity around my artistic goals and inspire momentum in my art side hustle. From our first session, Kimberly's presence was calming. Kimberly is a great listener and able to shift through the tangled web of my artistic interests to hone in on my core interest. She helped me identify a manageable schedule for working on my projects and building my audience. This is my first experience with 1:1 coaching, and I am very happy with my progress so far. I feel more confident about the work that lies ahead, and I look forward to future coaching sessions to find new paths on this journey." - Anne

“I want to take the time to give a shout out to The Path Illuminated! They provided me with great guidance and made my first time with a life coach very comfortable. I felt heard and totally understood. I am super grateful for the tools they provided and helped me shift perspective on stressors and anxiety I have been having.If you're interested in talking with a life coach, and or have questions, definitely send them a DM! It's totally worth it to have unbiased help and be able to attain tools that can continuously help you.”

- Mura the Mystic

"Thank you so much for my reading for my birthday month, it brought me so much clarity. I don’t usually get readings outside of pulling for myself. thank you for creating a safe place for healing & planning next steps." - Plushette E.

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